Wanaque First Aid Squad

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The Wanaque First Aid Squad

Since 1973, the Wanaque First Aid Squad has prided itself in providing the highest level of volunteer pre-hospital emergency care to the residents of Wanaque and surrounding Boroughs. The Wanaque First Aid Squad is a non-profit , 100% volunteer organization that answers over 800+ ambulance calls for the Borough of Wanaque and surrounding towns annually.

The Squad is always looking for new Members over the age of 18. The Squad will provide all training which includes, but is not limited to: EMT, CPR, First Aid, and others.

The Squad will also accept Members for our Youth Squad Program for any person between the ages of 16-18.

Community Outreach

Once a year we reach out to you to help us so we can be at our best to continue to help you. With today's rapidly rising costs, your donation will assist us in purchasing medical supplies, oxygen, and training materials for our members. We appreciate your response in the past, as we also know that you appreciate all that we do for the Borough of Wanaque and your family members. Your tax deductible donation will keep our rigs up to the highest level of standards, so we can help you in the best way possible when necessary.

Volunteer for Wanaque FAS

We are constantly in search for the best of the best, For Information on How to Join or Squad or Squad Auxiliary. Send us your information on our Volunteer page to receive our information packet.

Donating Made Easy on the Web!

Hopefully you will never require our services, but like we have been in the past 40 years, we will be there for you. Since 1973 we have answered over 22,450 calls for aid and assistance. We are extremely proud of our professional volunteer services to Wanaque. As the years roll by, with the population of Wanaque growing higher and higher, we are busier than ever. We ask that you be as generous as your means permit when sending in a donation to us. Won't you please answer our call for help? We need your financial support! Please remember, every little bit helps.

Thank you to our friends at PayPal, the Wanaque FAS is now able to accept donations securely from the web. It is 100% secure using your credit card and you do not need a PayPal account to make a donation. It couldn't be easier! The Wanaque First Aid squad does not keep any records of your personal information. To donate via PayPal, please use the form to the right of this page.